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Ovale eGo-C Kit

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The new eGo-C system builds on the accomplishments of the previous eGo. The Changeable atomizer system makes removal and cleaning of the atomizer quick, simple, and cost effective. Use a dedicated atomizer for each of your liquid choices or change it out just to keep it fresh. The huge 650mAh battery enables aprox. 800 puffs a day. The double air circulation system provides a realistic feel every smoker will enjoy. The power saving battery features improve power conservation and prevents accidental discharge.

ATTENTION: This product is discontinued or clearance, and is NOT subject to return or refund. Please view our Warranty & Return Policy for more information.

  •  Type B atomizers and atomizer tubes (Type A looks cone, Type B looks cylinder) as well as Standard atomizers or the Low Resistance atomizers.

  • •What is the difference between the Type A and Type B? The main difference is in the size of the Tank and cone. The B has a larger 2.5ml tank.  The atomizer has also been redesigned to account for the greater volume and weight of liquid pressing down upon it.
  • •Type A system parts are only compatible with Type A. Type B only with Type B. Due to the difference in atomizers if one uses a Type B atomizer with a Type A cone then the result would most likely be a dry atomizer and a very unpleasant burnt taste. If one was to use the Type A atomizer in the Type B cone then one may experience excessive leakage.
  • •eGo-C LR atomizers are compatible with both Type A and Type B Cones.
  • * Atomizer heads have a limited warranty of 24 hrs.
In the Box 
  • - eGo-C™ Atomizer Heads Type B x 5
  • - eGo-C™ Atomizer Cones Type B x 2
  • - eGo-C™ Atomizer Cone Bases x 2
  • - eGo-C™ Manual Battery 650 mAh x 2 
  • - eGo-C™ USB Wall Charging Adapter x 1 
  • - eGo-C™ USB Charging Cable x 1 
  • - eGo-C™ OVALE Porch x 1
  • - eGo-C™ Tank Cartridges Type B x 5
  • - eGo-C™ Instruction Manual x 1


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