About the Company

VapeNW believes that the best vape experience is attained when a customer has access to a variety of e-liquid to choose from their personal collection, is utilizing the benefits of the newest hardware innovations, and has a device that is operating at optimal performance; safely. We pride ourselves in offering industry leading costs on a large assortment of thoroughly vetted hardware and e-liquid so that customers can feel confident they are getting the best products at the best price. Our knowledgeable representatives are genuinely curious about your needs and are eager to make suggestions that increase performance, enhance flavor, and/or maximize safety.


Our Character

We are not a family, we are a team and we want the best players to take us to the highest levels. There are five core qualities that would make a candidate successful in this endeavor.

  • TRUST - We have to be able to trust each other to perform at the highest levels and that all of our decisions are going to be best for the company.
  • COMMUNICATION - You will be asked to communicate with your team, managers, and other retailers openly and often. Communication allows verification.
  • GENUINE CURIOSITY - You must navigate life with a genuine curiosity and be comfortable with translating that curiosity to inquire deeper into our customer's needs.
  • PASSION - We want people that have some passion in their life. It doesn't matter if it's food or music. You must be passionate enough to heatedly argue your perspective.
  • GRIT - Individuals who possess the endurance and resilience to conquer extreme goals and tasks.


Employment Opportunities

  • Community Care Specialist (In Bound Calls)
  • Community Care Specialist (In Bound Chat)
  • Content Creation Specialist (Graphic Designer)
  • Content Creation Specialist (Photographer)
  • Content Creation Specialist (Videographer)
  • Content Creation Specialist (Writer)
  • Community Engagement Specialist

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Remote Freelance Opportunities

  • Influencer Affiliate
  • Content Correspondent

     Contact us at for more information.