Quarantine Vaping

Quarantine Vaping

Ask yourself, how long will my current vape supply last me? Every vaper has different vaping habits and needs. Some vapers can purchase a 60mL bottle of e-liquid and still have some left after a couple of months. Some vapers purchase a 60mL bottle and have to buy a new bottle the very next week because they’re out. During this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to be as prepared as we can be to stay home for long periods of time. We need to make sure that we have everything we need to limit how much we go out. What vapers need vary greatly depending on how often they vape. 

Will my supply last me?

Coils generally last between 1-2 weeks for regular vapers, coils may last a few days for heavy vapers. You know yourself better than anyone so you know what you need. Check your supply, make sure you have enough e-liquid, coils, pods, cotton, etc. E-liquid has a shelf life of 1-5 years if they are kept in the correct conditions such as a dark cool temperature area. Keep your e-liquid in darkly tinted glass bottles to prevent any light heat from speeding up its breakdown.

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Time to get a back up

Many people only have one device and will be left out in the cold if something were to happen to it. Remember, it’s harder than ever to get quality vape devices during this lock down. We recommend purchasing at least one device as a backup in case something happens to your current one. Accidents happen and losing or breaking a device is always a possibility. 

Vaping with my Significant Other

Even though you are most likely quarantining with your significant other and you usually share a vape device, it is best to use your own personal vape mod or pod kit and your significant other use their own for you and their safety. Make sure to purchase all your vaping supplies together to save money and limit your contact with other people. If you or your S/O do not vape that much but like to take a few hits here and there when you get a craving, it’s probably not ideal to purchase an entire new vape set up and bottles of e-liquid if you barely vape. We recommend purchasing a few disposable vape pens, there is no hassle to replace a coil or fill a pod, you just pick it up and use it, when you are done with it you can keep them in a secure area until you can responsibly recycle them in the nearest e-waste bin. You can find some amazing disposable devices for around $9.99 that can provide over 300 puffs. 

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Where can I buy?

Today, only stores and buildings that have been deemed “essential” are permitted to be open to the public. According to a review of 40 state stay-at-home orders issued last month, “there isn’t a single state order that has designated a vape shop as an essential business,” many vape shops have had to close their doors until the stay at home orders are lifted. However, even though vape shops are considered “nonessential businesses,” if people maintain 6-feet social distancing, and the capacity is restricted inside the store, the tobacco and electronic cigarette sales can go on in some counties or states.

You can call your local vape shop to ask if they are open during the stay at home order, if they are open, make sure to ask if they offer phone orders so that you can order what you need and pick it up to shorten your trip. Ask if they offer curbside service to further prevent any chances of running into someone infected with COVID-19. If your local vape shop has closed down due to COVID-19, you can order online and get all of your vaping essentials sent directly to your home. Check out our website for all your vaping needs!

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Thinking Ahead

If you are ordering your products online and having them shipped to your doorstep, make sure you order everything you need at least a week before you run out of the vape supply you currently have. You want to order ahead of time because shipping times have been getting delayed more and more as the number of orders and confirmed COVID-19 cases rise. We saw a halt in the manufacturing of many well known vape brands because of the strict China lockdown. There is currently no shortage of vapes and there most likely won’t be as the situation in China has been getting much better after their, at the time, controversial decision to lockdown the city of Wuhan. It is still better to be prepared and order your supplies in advanced, things can change very quickly.

Money may be tighter than usual since over 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Most people have received their $1,200 stimulus check but that’s for bills and home essentials. Something to help is calling and checking if your local vape shop has any discounts or sales going on, or check out our discounts page to see our best discounts available for you on our site. Also, you can try multiple discount codes quickly using Honey.

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What have you done during this lockdown to stay safe? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.


  • Donald Trump

    Way to use the pandemic as a sales tactic

  • Torrie

    I’m in middle TN and or vape shops have all stayed open with the 6’ rule. I also order online and have gotten my shipments in a timely manner. Stay safe everyone

  • Scott kessler

    When are you gonna be opens When are you gonna be open

  • Guido

    Oh I have not been bothered one bit by the lock down. I live in Arizona and here the lock down has not been going on all that long. On the normal, I stay at home most of the time anyway since I am retired and disabled, but my first grader is driving me up the wall a little since school has been canceled for the remainder of the school year. But other than that and issues finding toilet paper at the store, I have not noticed any effect whatsoever from the lock down.

    When it comes to vaping, I started stocking up last December, so I already have over 7,500 milliliters of ejuice in the freezer, over 500 coils for various tanks and at least 25 mods with tanks and at least 20 more tanks that do not have mods as yet. Not to mention the 2 kits and one mod and 5 more tanks that are on the way. And on top of all the pre-made e-juices I have frozen, I also have a 1 liter bottle of 100mg per-ml concentrated nicotine liquid that I can use to make at least 92.5 120ml bottles of juice with.
    Basically, I could crawl into a bomb shelter and not need to come up for vape needs for about a decade LOL.

    I almost feel sorry for the uninitiated who are still buying a 3 pack of coils every other month, because they are going to find that the coils they need are “Out Of Stock” and be up a creek, even purchasing online. I have seen a LOT of websites with Nothing Left in the way of coils, it is all ejuices and pods and a start kit here and there and a tank or two. Warehouses are getting pretty bare.

    Stock Up if it isn’t too late to do so, Take Care, stay healthy and Vape-On !!

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