New York Flavor Ban Starts

New York Flavor Ban Starts

It is a truly tough time in this country and legislators are not making it any easier on us. Especially, for those who live in the great state of New York. The Empire State has seen the lion share of COVID-19 infections and deaths in this country, but it’s legislators are doubling down on the diseases ancillary effects. Nearly 700 vape shops in New York were required to stop selling flavored vape products effective May 18th, 2020. With an estimated 6,000 workers that are facing displacement, the unemployment rate and budget crises that the state faces are even more dire.

The law passed back in the Fall of 2019 but was held up due to an injunction issued as a result of a lawsuit filed by members of the vaping industry. Well, the injunction has lifted and vaping is seeing a dark day in New York as flavored e-liquid is completely banned in all stores. 

In addition to a ban on flavored e-liquid, pharmacies are banned from selling all tobacco products. Companies who choose to disregard this law face a fine of up to $100 per item. All of these changes come less than a year after the state raised the smoking age from 18 to 21. They claim their goal was to slow or prevent the use of tobacco age among teenagers. 

“At a time when New York small businesses are barely holding on, New York’s statewide ban on flavored vapor products will close most of the 694 small mom and pop vape shops, throw 6,000 more New Yorkers out of work, and add another $680M wrench in the state’s budget crisis. In addition to the serious negative economic impacts of the flavor ban, New York lawmakers are forcing adults, who rely on vapor products as their alternative to cigarettes, back to traditional smoking or to the dangerous black market. In short, everyone in New York loses with the short-sighted flavor ban – small businesses, employees, taxpayers, and public health.” 
– Tony Abboud, Executive Director, Vapor Technology Association


And if you think you can just purchase your products online, you may be shocked to learn that more rules will be effective July 1, including a ban on online sales of vaping products and a ban on coupons for vaping and tobacco products.


We feel deeply for New Yorkers right now and worry that the state’s legislators are setting a detrimental example for the other 49. Are you in New York? How are you planning to get your vaping products? Are you going back to smoking? Comment your thoughts below.


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