New York Flavor Ban Starts

New York Flavor Ban Starts

It is a truly tough time in this country and legislators are not making it any easier on us. Especially, for those who live in the great state of New York. The Empire State has seen the lion share of COVID-19 infections and deaths in this country, but it’s legislators are doubling down on the diseases ancillary effects. Nearly 700 vape shops in New York were required to stop selling flavored vape products effective May 18th, 2020. With an estimated 6,000 workers that are facing displacement, the unemployment rate and budget crises that the state faces are even more dire.

The law passed back in the Fall of 2019 but was held up due to an injunction issued as a result of a lawsuit filed by members of the vaping industry. Well, the injunction has lifted and vaping is seeing a dark day in New York as flavored e-liquid is completely banned in all stores. 

In addition to a ban on flavored e-liquid, pharmacies are banned from selling all tobacco products. Companies who choose to disregard this law face a fine of up to $100 per item. All of these changes come less than a year after the state raised the smoking age from 18 to 21. They claim their goal was to slow or prevent the use of tobacco age among teenagers. 

“At a time when New York small businesses are barely holding on, New York’s statewide ban on flavored vapor products will close most of the 694 small mom and pop vape shops, throw 6,000 more New Yorkers out of work, and add another $680M wrench in the state’s budget crisis. In addition to the serious negative economic impacts of the flavor ban, New York lawmakers are forcing adults, who rely on vapor products as their alternative to cigarettes, back to traditional smoking or to the dangerous black market. In short, everyone in New York loses with the short-sighted flavor ban – small businesses, employees, taxpayers, and public health.” 
– Tony Abboud, Executive Director, Vapor Technology Association


And if you think you can just purchase your products online, you may be shocked to learn that more rules will be effective July 1, including a ban on online sales of vaping products and a ban on coupons for vaping and tobacco products.


We feel deeply for New Yorkers right now and worry that the state’s legislators are setting a detrimental example for the other 49. Are you in New York? How are you planning to get your vaping products? Are you going back to smoking? Comment your thoughts below.


  • Ken M

    There is ways around the Flavor Ban. The Bigger problem is September 9, 2020!!!

  • Timotheus Robinson

    Well Personally I myself have not smoked “Cigarettes” in the Double digit years but the time I Quit it was a choice of all Natural Gonja or Chemical enduced Butts, So at first I was at several ounces a month until I Found a DRY Vape product that discontinued now but you know I had to find replacements….
    Present date I own a Few DRY HERB VAPORIZERS & and Good Mods……
    You make up your own mind on “Mods” but those Tree Burners (Yocan 94F"Discontinued", Invo DXL"UNABLE To Find", and still available is the VB22 (powerbyboom)) So for all of those Whom Choose to go Natrally Dry from my YEAR’S of a Tree Master the Bottom line here is WASTE NOT WANT NOT…..
    ROLLING HAS BECOME THE PAST FOR ME Because with a DRY Mod and LESS than a Ounce where can I Not be in public and Smoke……
    Fools looking for something ROLLED and the Mod is in there Face & can’t smell it either…….
    ONE door closes but a Highway opens in its stead!!!!!!!!

  • Aron Graham

    UN- FREAKING BELIEVABLE!!! R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris are absolute monsters!!! Putting people out of a job for personal gain is just repulsive. This is arguably the most IGNORANT and mindless ban I’ve ever heard of, next to prohibition , I guess. This ban violates constitutional rights as E- liquids are NOT a narcotic, E- liquid is a tobacco replacement product. That is no different than saying beer and wine are banned ,yet people can still drink gin; scotch, whiskey and vodka. Narrow minded ignorance!! I’m sick of the soft,
    bigots in Washington DC forcing their “fairy” beliefs on us. Trump is a smart man, yet he’s very gullible. His lack of knowledge is an advantage for the Tobacco industry. They’ve been paying off government officials for decades. Now, all those expensive kick backs are finally paying off for the Satanist-Billionaires. Cigarettes kill more people every year than vapeing ever will. 1,300 people die every day from cigarettes and over 2.5 million die annually world wide from alcohol abuse. Fewer people die from vapeing, a vast amount of people (99% fewer deaths annually). E- liquids lack of fatalities hinder one of our governments population control tactics. Fewer people die vapeing and our government ABSOLUTELY HATES THAT FACT. Such a sad day in the world’s “greatest country” .

  • Ross Marder

    I am anxious and let down that this is happening in such a open area of the country. New York is like the place everyone dreams about when they are kids. It’s where many aspects of romance and culture/music were born and have flourished towards the rest of the country. I’be always looked at NY as a mecca of progress, innovation and freedom, and even though this is somewhat tiny in comparison to the good that has been produced there, it’s heartbreaking to see something born of tht same progress be hastily torn down and restricted in a fascist manner. Hopefully it does not continue as a trend around the country for all of our sakes. Our health and families health depends on it. Everyone stay safe up there, don’t dare pick up a cigarette and we’lol hopefully get back to normal in so many ways soon!

  • Shawn C

    I’ve been a long time vaper and a New York resident. My first kit was an Ego T and CE4 setup that I bought at a mall in Pennsylvania. I finished my pack of cigarettes and never looked back and still vape to this day and will continue to vape until I’m either dead, or like completely remove DIY mixing materials from the market (never happen).
    I’ve had to put up with Cuomo’s BS ever since he was elected and for some dumb reason or another, he’s the exact opposite of his father, Mario Cuomo. You might as well throw a Nazi outfit on this guy. He’s hooked into every Union, every mob and the richest Jewish community in New York City. Without the president removing him from office, the only thing removing him from his seat is putting a bullet in his head.
    In any case, it’s a crying shame to see this happening and we fought it tooth and nail for a long time, but with the MSA constantly overshadowing any product that rubs noses with big tobacco eventually being annihilated from the market, it’s a permanent decimator of any alternative smoking products. Tobacco companies make less profit, states affiliated with the MSA get less payments. That’s the way it is.
    As to those who vape that say they’re going back to cigarettes, you’re a coward and your weak. If vaping is no longer an option for you, quit all together.
    The audacity of some people saying “I’m getting pushed back to cigarettes!!” That’s about the dumbest sentiment I have ever heard. You quit cigarettes to vape, but vaping is actually supposed to be a smoking cessation tool used to quit completely. I’ve done it for as long as I have because I can and I enjoy it. but when it hits the wall and it comes time to make a decision to quit completely or go back to cigarettes, you can bet I’m going to quit. I have about 2 years worth of juice stacked up so I don’t care about the ban and I don’t plan on quitting when somebody tells me I have to.
    Don’t forget, DIY is also an option. Learn recipes and how to mix and you’ll never have to quit vaping for as long as you live because they can’t take any one single product used in vaping off the market. Let that sink in. I’m out. 💪😎💨

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