Joe Biden wins South Carolina Primary. What’s next?

Joe Biden wins South Carolina Primary. What’s next?

Joe Biden won the South Carolina Primary by a large 28% lead over former Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders. After this win, Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden, making the race closer than ever. Now there is no clear Super Tuesday winner yet. It’s Sanders against Biden. What could come from this result?

Joe Biden is one of the candidates who is against the vape industry, saying during a campaign speech in Grinnell, Iowa, "I don't care what it does to a small business person who's selling this stuff." in regards to small vape shop owners. The 77-year-old former Vice-President later went on to say he will put a temporary ban on all vapor products while more research is done on the long term effects of vaping. 

Democrats have made it very clear that they are against vape. Many of the 2020 democratic candidates have voiced their concerns with vaping and long term lung damage caused by vaping. In interviews, many of the democratic candidates agreed that vaping is something to be taken seriously and should be heavily taxed or prohibited. 

Washington State, New York, Oregon, and many other Democratic states have shown to be much more strict when it comes to vaping. Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee, endorsed a 95% tax on vapor products and temporarily prohibited the sale of flavored E-liquid in Washington State. The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, also endorsed a 40% wholesale tax on vapor products. This shows that Democrats are more likely to take action regarding the future of vaping.If a Democrat were to take the White House there would likely be a lot of damaging changes to the vape world with high tax implementation and bans extremely probable. The most likely areas to be targeted would be flavored e-liquid and manufacturing of e-liquid which as we know puts jobs at risk as well as could cause large amounts.
What are your thoughts on Joe Biden's comments?


  • Herb

    Young people don’t have a clue about anything actually just which person gives them free stuff. The question is are you an American or a democrat because you can’t be both.

    Democrats are hell bent on the complete destruction of the United States . Don’t forget BEFORE Obama and Biden we had :

    No Isis
    No BLM
    No Antifa
    No war on police
    No NFL Kneeling
    No bans on Christianity in public schools
    No transvestites lecturing kindergarten children on gender ideology
    No bathroom confusion
    No race riots
    No destruction of historical monuments & military cemeteries .
    No giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens
    No stripping veterans of 6 billion dollars & allocating it all to illegals
    No blocking freeways
    No celebrating & cheering when America is criticized
    No apology tours

  • Paul LaFaver

    Thank you for telling the truth about which party is opposing the vaping industry. Most young people don’t know. Keep up the good work,

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