Does Vaping Make You Gain Weight?

Does Vaping Make You Gain Weight?

Mmmmm...Blueberry, strawberry, banana, sweet cream. One of the most important reasons why vaping is so successful in helping adults kick their combustible cigarette habits is that e-liquid comes in a myriad of incredibly vibrant and delicious flavors. It’s easy to get lost in all of the whimsical options that are available but have you stopped to think about the fact that e-liquid flavors come from food additives? The very same propylene glycol additives that are used in food flavorings such as coffee creamer. And I bet that you haven’t stopped to think about how many calories you are ingesting when you are taking a sweet puff of your favorite vape flavor.

Vaping Calories

The truth is that you are in no danger of gaining weight with typical vaping habits. While e-liquid typically has about 3-5 calories per mL, a 60mL bottle of e-liquid can provide as much as 600 calories depending on the ingredients used. Crazy, huh? Well if vaping doesn’t make you gain weight, I’m sure you’ve heard about people using it to lose weight.

Nicotine Diet

Nicotine has been considered by some to be an appetite suppressant which means that ingesting nicotine could lower your desire to eat. While there is no concrete evidence proving this correlation we do know some effects that nicotine can have on the body and mind that may lead to favorable weight loss effects. Nicotine has also been known to lower insulin levels in a person's bloodstream, which can reduce cravings for sugary foods. Studies with combustible cigarettes have concluded that “net effects of nicotine include elevated blood pressure, heart rate, and gastric motility while eliciting a sustained decrease in food intake. Autonomic, sensory, and enteric neurons each constitute potentially important loci for nicotine-mediated changes in feeding behavior.” The evidence is typically inconclusive, accompanied with a range of other side effects from smoking combustible cigarettes, or met with controversy. 

Sweet Tooth Substitute

While working in this industry, I’ve heard countless stories where people will lean on vaping as a substitute for high-calorie cravings such as cake, chocolate, and even sugary fruits. They claim to use vaping to suppress those urges by tricking their brain into thinking that they just enjoyed a delicious cinnamon roll or blueberry crumble without actually ingesting the dessert. 


We are sorry for the "clickbaity" title. A lot of our articles are inspired by subjects that YOU ask Google and, believe it or not, the title of this article is a frequently asked question that has been trending on Google lately. While vaping does contain calories, they aren’t enough to affect most diets. And if you are finding success with using vaping as a craving suppressant then, great! Weight loss is something that many people struggle with. No matter your tactics, nothing beats a properly balanced diet, moderate exercise, and a positive self-image. 


What are your thoughts on vaping and weight loss? Have you curved any late-night cravings with a pull from your favorite vape flavor? Do you think someone can actually curve their sweet tooth craving with different satisfying flavors? Share your thoughts below.


  • Montana

    I have gained more weight than I want to admit since I started vaping. I was too heavy to start with, so this sucks. I’ve often wondered if vaping was contributing to my weight gain.

  • Travis

    ME: Can you make click bait and apologize for it in the same article?
    VapeNW: We just did…

    One thing with something like this is the attention span of the “average” American. Even when they don’t have to read, the average time for watching videos is only two to four minutes.

    For Articles, 80% never make it past the headline. Only two out of ten people will read the article. Six out of ten will share an article without even reading it. lol

    Regardless, I love that you guys exist and I appreciate that I have never had an issue with VapeNW. All-in-all VapeNW has been amazing.

  • Josh

    My brother and I both have gained at least 50 pounds each since we started vaping 6 years ago. I started keto in late October of last year and am down 65 pounds now.

  • john

    That is exactly what I was going to say. However, since I just finished mowing the lawn, I am actually taking “sweat” puffs.

  • Juicy Johnson

    “a sweat puff of your favorite vape flavor” Mmm, sweat vapes.

    You really should proof-read these search engine baits, erm, I mean, blog posts before publishing them.

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