Does E-liquid Go Bad?

Does E-liquid Go Bad?

Bottles of e-liquid usually have an expiration date set for one to two years. This is due to the main components of e-liquid, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine having shelf lives of two years if kept in the right conditions. Some e-liquids have different ratios of what’s used to make the juice. Some e-liquid may last up to five years because of what it’s made with, some may only last one year before the taste becomes stale or unpleasant.

Is Expired E-liquid Dangerous?

We know e-liquid has an expiration date, but does that mean it’s dangerous? “Expired” e-liquid is not dangerous to use after its expiration date and it’s really up to you to decide if your e-liquid has gone “bad”. E-liquid is not like food where once it expires it can become toxic for you. However, some expired e-liquid can still make you feel ill or uncomfortable if used. When e-liquid expires, the taste will become “stale” or may just overall taste bad. You will not get that nicotine hit that you are looking for either. For some people, the taste will become more enjoyable after the e-liquid has had an extended time to steep, most people find the taste foul.

Has my E-liquid Gone Bad?

Some of the ways to see if your e-liquid has gone “bad” are:

  • Does the E-liquid smell different or unpleasant? – You can generally tell when food has gone bad by smelling it, the same goes for e-liquid.
  • Does the E-liquid taste different or unpleasant? – Make sure to throw out your e-liquid if it tastes stale/flat or foul.
  • Did the e-liquid turn very dark? – Most e-liquid is a light, near clear, color when freshly made. After some steeping time, the e-liquid may become slightly darker. The e-liquid will become unusually dark after it has expired.
  • Is the e-liquid really watery? (less viscous) – E-liquid is usually a thicker syrup-like consistency when e-liquid goes bad the e-liquid becomes very watery.
  • Did the e-liquid separate? – When e-liquid goes bad, there's an obvious separation between the ingredients.

How do I Make My E-liquid Last Longer?

There is one major component that causes e-liquid to go "bad" and that is separation and breaking down of nicotine. You want to keep your e-liquid away from being in the sun too long because light and heat are e-liquids enemies. The sun's heat causes the nicotine and VG/PG to break down quicker, shortening its time of use. It’s recommended to purchase and transfer your e-liquid into darkly tinted airtight glass bottles. Store your e-liquid in a dark cool or room temperature area to maximize your e-liquids shelf life, and make sure you don’t leave your e-liquid in a hot car.  Keeping your e-liquid in a cool area will keep it’s ingredients fresh and you can use it for longer. If you have e-liquid you suspect has gone bad, the best and safest choice is to throw it out and get a new bottle of e-liquid. Need help choosing the perfect e-Liquid? VapeNW can help! Check out our awesome low prices on your favorite e-liquid HERE.

Do you throw away your e-liquid after it’s expired? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.


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