Disposables: The Next Big Vape Wave

Disposables: The Next Big Vape Wave

Vapers have been attempting to replicate the sensation of a cigarette since the idea of a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette was introduced in 1963. The concept entered the mainstream with the help of Blu e-cigs launching in 2009. Inventions in the vape industry have called for devices to become bigger, hold larger and more batteries, have larger e-liquid capacities, and blow “fatter” clouds. But in the last couple of years, the industry has seen a shift favoring devices that are smaller and deliver more nicotine per draw. It’s ironic that vape devices have truly come full circle back to disposables but why? Are disposables really the future? And what is going to happen next in the vape industry?

Why The Shift

Being in this industry since 2012, we’ve seen staggering technological evolution. But that innovation always came with a sacrifice. One would have to ensure they had enough charge batteries, e-liquid, a functional mod, and a tank that delivered flavor as well as cloud production, but that innovation always came with a sacrifice. One would have to ensure they had enough charge batteries, e-liquid, a functional mod, a tank that delivered flavor and cloud production. In addition to you all, they require components to enjoy a quality vape experience, you would also need the knowledge to maintain your device so that you can get the best vape experience every time. All of this can become cumbersome when you were just trying to get your nicotine. Traditional vaping is convenient until it is not. On camping trips, in your car, or any other time where you don’t find an outlet and supply source readily available.

Benefits of Disposables

I believe people are tired of exchanging technology for convenience and are looking for a simple way to deliver their nicotine. This turns attention back to disposable electronic cigarettes. They do not need to be recharged, you do not have to refill them with a liquid, and they are sold pretty much everywhere you can find combustible cigarettes. Disposables are available in many of the same flavors that we enjoy in a traditional vape set up and can deliver a good amount of nicotine on every draw.

While the initial disposables invented by Blue ecig were good, it took time for manufacturers to learn what was important to users before they created the products that could replace traditional vape devices. Vapers want a smooth and filling draw, good cloud production without compromising flavor, and a device to be convenient and easy to understand. Vapers want all of this at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.

Smokers take 8-12 puffs per lit cigarette. In a pack of 20, you can expect anywhere between 160-240 puffs. Disposables range from 200-400 puffs per device depending on the battery size and e-liquid capacity making them last longer and more affordable than a traditional pack of cigarettes. There is nothing to charge, nothing to fill, and nothing to maintain. In fact, disposable electronics cigarettes offer all the conveniences and benefits of traditional devices without any of the drawbacks except for one, they do create more waste than needed. I believe that there will be a manufacturer that understands this and creates a disposable product that is a bit more environmentally friendly. Until then, we still have a great solution that is presently available.


We are truly in the most mature stages of the vape industry. Disposable electronics cigarettes are the new big thing and are going to take the industry by storm. They are compact, taste great, require little to no maintenance, and are the first uncompromising solution the Vape industry has provided.

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  • Chad

    I’m not big on disposables. The do serve a purpose but not for me.

  • Nick Man

    I am a big fan a puff bars, but i do like my current novo.

  • Scotty Greene

    I believe disposable ecigarettes are good for new converters from analog cigarettes. For me personally I prefer my mech mod and RDA.

  • Loni W

    I would try this once but I couldn’t see myself giving up my regular vape for a disposable. If it works for you, happy vaping.

  • Crimsongriffin

    These are a great tool for converting smokers. But the amount of waste they produce is troubling. I wish there was a good middle ground.

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