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Payment & Charges

My card was charged but I did not receive an order confirmation.

My card was charged multiple times for the same order.

The website is not accepting my card due to "Billing address info was not matched by the processor".


Are you able to ship internationally or to APO addresses.

I have not received shipping confirmation or tracking for my order yet.

My order says shipped but hasn't moved from the warehouse yet.

My order's tracking says "Delivered" but I did not receive my package.

My package says that it is being "Returned to Sender".

My package did not arrive in the expected time frame.

My package says that a delivery was attempted. When will I receive my order.


It is not letting me sign into my account.

I had an account credit from the previous version of the website and I don't see it available now.


I just received my order and I realized I ordered the wrong product.

I ordered the wrong item and my package has not shipped yet.

I got my order but items were wrong or missing.

I got my order but some of the items were damaged in transit.

I would like to edit or cancel my order.


I was told that a refund would be issued but I have not see the credit yet.


An item I'm looking to buy is out of stock.


Tanks and Subtanks

My tank keeps leaking.

Won't Fire

Coil taste burnt

Coil doesn't last as long

Modes and Devices

My device won't turn on

Device won't read my tank or atomizer


My batteries won't charge or stay charged for long